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The Eagle River Police Department in conjunction with local business are in the process of creating an area-wide email information program, known as CAP. Businesses that choose to become part of CAP receive emails with crime information that could be helpful to their business and the community.


Crime trends, wanted/suspicious persons or activity, worthless check and missing persons are just some of the topics covered by Community Alert Program. Any criminal activity or community information that this department believes is important for a business to know.


Since this material maybe sensitive in nature, it is important that the email address provided be accessible by a limited number of trusted personnel. After receipt, the business decides how to distribute the information.


Community Alert Program also gives a business the opportunity to provide information they feel is important to the Eagle River area community. All emails coming from a business will be sent to this department for review and possible distribution.  This will give us a chance to review and check the validity of the information before dissemination.


Alerts of interest to the general public will be published on this website. Check back here to read the latest.


If you wish to be part of CAP, please click on the link below, complete the form and return it to this department.   Administrator for the Community Alert Program (CAP) is Officer Anthony Justice. If you have questions please contact him at (715)479-1941extension 243.  You will be notified by email when your membership application is accepted.