Anyone interested in obtaining records from the Eagle Rive Police Department may utilize the Records Request below.  Please fill out the request, sign and date the request and mail it to us at the address listed below.


In compliance with Wisconsin Statutes, the Eagle River Police Department hereby establishes the following procedures as they apply to public records in its custody.

Organization:          Eagle River Police Department

Custodian:              Chief of Police

Alternates:               Police Officers and Law Enforcement Clerk have authority to release certain records

Address:                  PO Box 1269

                                  525 E. Maple St.

                                  Eagle River, WI  54521

Telephone:             (715) 479-1941

Fax:                          (715) 477-2733

A.     Request / Access to Records

Requests may be mailed, faxed or made in writing at the Eagle River Police Department.  To aid in the location of those records, the request should contain the following information:

        1)  Date of Occurrence

        2)  Location

        3)  Name of person(s) involved

        4)  Any additional information which may help to narrow the search for those records

The Department shall comply with such requests in a timely manner, normally within 10 business days.  Records requests will be accepted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9AM to 2PM, excluding holidays.

B.     Denial of Access

The Chief of Police may deny access to certain records consistent with applicable federal law, state law and City of Eagle River ordinance.

C.     Fees

        1.  No charge for government agencies conducting official business.

        2.  $5.00 per accident report.

        3.  $5.00 per police report or $0.25 per page for reports in excess of 20 pages.

        4.  $1.00 per page for printed photos, 2 5x7 photo's per page.

        5.  $5.00  for each compact disc or DVD for reproductions of pictures, audio and video records.

        6.  $0.25 per page for each facsimile page.

        7.  Applicable postage will be added to any records delivered by mail.