On June 1, 1997, Wisconsin Act 440, entitled "Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Law," became effective. This is Wisconsin's version of "Megan's Law," known nationally as a law intended to help protect society by identifying convicted sex offenders and their placement within communities. This law applies to all persons who, on or after 12/25/93 were sentenced, in an institutional setting, discharged, or on field supervision for sexual crimes.




In Wisconsin, convicted sex offenders are registered with the Department of Corrections upon their release from prison. Initially, more than 10,000 names have been added to this registry. Once released into the community, they must then report to both the local police department and sheriff's department to participate in a face to face registration.

The Wisconsin Legislature has created a sex offender registry database that is accessible by Internet to anyone looking for information on convicted sex offenders. This site allows citizens to search by individual name or by zip code to access those individuals who are maintained in the sex offender registry.  When searching by zip code, citizens will receive a listing of all those individuals living within the zip code searched.  Information contained in the listing includes gender, race, age, height, weight, hair and eye color, conviction date, county of conviction, registration beginning and end, as well as a photo.  Citizens are encouraged to access this information database to obtain valuable information regarding convicted sex offenders in Wisconsin.

Anyone having additional questions is encouraged to contact at (715)479-1941 ext. 241 during normal business hours.

Below is the link to the sex offender registry database.


Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry