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*Cross references: Streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 78.

State law references: Bicycles and play vehicles generally, Wis. Stats. § 346.77 et seq.

Sec. 86-71. Bicycles to be ridden in single file.

Every person who may legally operate a bicycle upon a sidewalk must ride such bicycle in single file and at low rates of speed, and all persons riding upon any public highway when traveling in groups shall ride in single file and not abreast unless unavoidable.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(1))Sec. 86-72. Bicycles on public highways subject to ordinances and state laws.

Every person propelling or riding a bicycle upon a public highway shall be subject to the ordinances and laws applicable to the operator of any vehicle, except those provisions which by their nature have no application.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(2))Sec. 86-73. Lamps and other equipment on bicycles.

No person may operate a bicycle upon a highway, bicycle lane or bicycle way during hours of darkness unless such bicycle is equipped with or the operator is wearing a lamp emitting a white light visible from a distance of at least 500 feet to the front of such bicycle. Such bicycle shall also be equipped with a red reflector that has a diameter of at least two inches of surface area on the rear so mounted and maintained as to be visible from all distances from 50 feet to 500 feet to the rear when directly in front of lawful upper beams of headlamps on a motor vehicle. A lamp emitting a red light visible from a distance of 500 feet to the rear may be used in addition to but not in lieu of the red reflector.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(3))Sec. 86-74. Bicycles to be ridden near right curb.

Every bicycle, when operated upon any street or public highway in the city, shall be operated as near to the right curb as possible.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(4))Sec. 86-75. Audible signals required.

Every bicycle operator shall use an audible signal when overtaking or passing any person on any sidewalk or vehicle on any street, alley or public highway in such a manner as to sufficiently warn the person or vehicle being overtaken or passed of the approach of the bicycle.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(5))Sec. 86-76. Bicycle operator not to cling to or attach himself.

No bicycle operator shall cling or attach himself or his bicycle to any other moving vehicle upon a sidewalk, street or public highway in the city.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(6))Sec. 86-77. Bicycle operator not to carry another person.

Except as provided in Wis. Stats. § 346.79, no operator of a bicycle shall carry another person on his bicycle or pull or tow any object or carry any object in his hand while operating the bicycle. Objects may be carried on a bicycle in a basket or carrier specifically provided for that purpose.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(7))Sec. 86-78. Speed.

No bicycle operator shall propel his bicycle at a speed which is not reasonable and prudent under conditions existing at the time.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(8))Sec. 86-79. Racing prohibited.

No bicycle operator shall participate in any race or speed contest with any person or vehicle.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(9))Sec. 86-80. Bicycle trick riding prohibited.

No bicycle operator shall engage in acrobatic or trick riding or any other skylarking on a moving bicycle.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(10))Sec. 86-81. Stop and yield the right-of-way required.

Every bicycle operator when emerging from any alley shall stop and yield the right-of-way to any person or vehicle.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(11))Sec. 86-82. Traffic regulations and signs.

Every bicycle operator shall stop for all arterial signs and observe all other traffic regulations applicable for other vehicles in the city.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(12))Sec. 86-83. Bicycles, roller blades and skateboards on sidewalks.

(a) The council recognizes that it is in the interest of safety to regulate the use and operation of bicycles, roller blades and skateboards on sidewalks which are used heavily by pedestrians and which adjoin busy city streets.

(b) No person shall ride in or upon or otherwise use or operate any bicycle, roller blades or skateboard or other equipment or vehicle similar to a bicycle, roller blades or skateboard on the following sidewalks located:

(1) On east-west sidewalks adjoining Wall Street, between Railroad Street and Silver Lake Road. (2) On north-south sidewalks between Division Street and Pine Street and from Railroad Street to Silver Lake Road, including those next adjoining Railroad Street and Silver Lake Road.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(13))Sec. 86-84. Skateboards on streets prohibited.

No skateboards shall be permitted on any street at any time.

(Code 1972, § 7.09(14))

Secs. 86-85--86-120. Reserved.